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About Tams Taekwondo

Get to know us

Welcome to Tams Taekwondo! Since 2017, we've been all about bringing the world of Taekwondo to you. We mix the ancient traditions of this martial art with modern ways to help you grow. Our goal is to not just teach kicks and punches, but to also build strong minds and bodies. With us, you'll learn how to push your limits and be your best self. Join our Taekwondo family and let's walk this path of growth together!

Master Bill Tam

7th Dan Black Belt and Founder

Meet our founder, Master Bill Tam, a distinguished 7th Dan black belt in Taekwondo. With a lifelong dedication to the art, Master Tam's journey began decades ago, mastering the techniques and philosophy.


His passion led to the establishment of Tams Taekwondo in 2017, a place where his profound expertise and teaching prowess unite.


As a respected figure in the martial arts community, Master Tam brings unparalleled insight, shaping both novices and experienced practitioners into confident, disciplined martial artists. His legacy continues through every kick, punch, and life transformed within the Tams Taekwondo family.


Master Kristy Tam

5th Dan Black Belt and


Allow us to introduce you to our co-founder, Master Kristy Tam, an accomplished 5th Dan black belt in Taekwondo. Master Tam's journey commenced years ago, immersing herself in the intricacies of the discipline and its principles.


In 2017, her shared vision culminated in the inception of Tams Taekwondo. A beacon of dedication and perseverance, Master Tam's expertise enriches the studio, guiding students of all levels.


Her 5th Dan black belt attests to her mastery of the art and her commitment to its essence. With every class, Master Kristy Tam's legacy of excellence continues, shaping individuals into skilled and poised martial artists.

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